Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads

Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads

It is 330 kilometres long, has more than 100 amazing corners, and offers some of the most incredible thrills and views in Europe. Ford has compiled the definitive list of “Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads”.

Each one was carefully chosen after a rigorous, year-long research and ranking process by a team that covered a total of 15,000 kilometres in their hunt for the ultimate European road-trip. Now join Steve Sutcliffe who drove the Ford that best complemented each route from the Focus RSMustang 5.0 V8 GTMustang 2.3 EcoBoostFocus ST, Focus ST TDCi and the Fiesta ST.


Road #1: Romania – Transfagarasan Highway.


Steve Sutcliffe takes on the famous Transfagarasan Highway in Romania in the Ford Mustang Fastback 5.0 V8, one of the most spectacular roads available to drive in the world. In chapter one of our Great European Driving Roads series, Steve embraces the challenge and shows that if you are a true driving enthusiast, the Transfagarasan is genuinely a bucket list kind of place to visit.


Road #2: United Kingdom – Blakey Ridge, North Yorkshire


Steve returns to his native England in the Ford Focus RS on a mission to tame the challenging Blakey Ridge. At only 15 miles long it’s not the longest road in the series, but the way it winds itself across the moors, throwing blind crests and fast but ever tightening corners is completely fascinating.


Road #3: Spain – C462, Catalonia


What an unbelievable driving road the C462 is, especially behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta ST. Just over 100km long, it winds its way north through Catalonia and ending over 100km later at La Seu D’Urgell, just south of Andorra. At the very top of the C462, at over 2000m, you’re also rewarded by the most amazing view of the Pyrenees, which seem to be visible in their entirety. But the best part? For most of the time, it’s pretty much deserted which means that for us driving enthusiasts, it’s almost your own private playground.


Road #4: France – D526 & D926, The Alps


Forming stage 19 of the Tour de France in 2015, the road has a reputation for being one of the most gruelling but also picturesque places the tour had ever visited; and what a road it turned out to be to drive on. A personal favourite of Steve Sutcliffe, his winding and challenging drive (reaching a peak of 2000m at the famous Col de la Croix de Fer) behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang Convertible 2.3 is the stuff driving dreams are made of.


Road #5: Germany – B500, Black Forest Highway


The 40km or so of the B500 in the middle of the enchanting Black Forest are some of the most challenging kilometres you will drive anywhere in Germany – but well worth the effort. Join Steve as he drives the Ford Focus ST TDCI Estate across this rewarding stretch of the Black Forest and fall in love with every corner of the great driving road.


Road #6: Mallorca – MA10, ‘Mountain Road’


It’s not just the road but the history that surrounds it that makes the MA10 on Mallorca so deeply intriguing. The road itself is an absolute peach to drive on, going through tunnels, across lakes and over rocky bridges. Right in the middle of the MA10 sits a 13th century monastery called the Sanctuary de Lluc, and in a curious kind of way it’s the monastery that defines this amazing piece of road, even in 2016 and beyond.
Why? Because it was built all those years ago in a location that was deliberately hard to reach. The path to enlightenment, it seems, should never be easy to attain, not even when attempted in a bright orange Ford Focus ST.



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