Best Diving Destinations in Europe

Best Diving Destinations in Europe

Europe is not only the perfect destination for city breaks, it is also a perfect destination for diving lovers. Get your masks, your fins, your diving suits ready and enjoy a wonderful dive in the clear blue waters of Europe. From Croatia to Spain via England, we have selected for you some of the Best diving destinations in Europe.

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Gozo Island


Malta offers you the best climate in Europe as well as warm waters throughout the year. Discover the underwater depths of the Mediterranean in the clear waters of  Gozo island at anytime since diving is possible all year round.

Book your hotel at the best price in Malta as well as the best activities as a full-day Gozo island excursion from Malta or a full-day Gozo and Blue lagoon Cruise tour.

Moreover the inhabitants of Malta are very friendly and generous people, they will make you adore their incredible country.

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Enjoy the blue waters of one of Europe’s sunniest destinations. This island of the Canarieswelcomes divers from all over the world every year. They enjoy its warm and clear waters as well as its incredible fauna and flora.

Book your hotel at the best price in Tenerife as well as the best activities on the island and come and swim with the turtles of Tenerife.

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Croatia is a paradise for lovers of nature and diving. Its preserved nature and exceptional landscapes make this country one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Treat yourself to a holiday away from the crowd, noise and pollution on the Losinj island. Dive into the blue waters of Losinj to discover its underwater treasures. You can of course book your hotel, apartment, villa, guesthouse at the best price in Losinj but also in the nearby towns that connect the island such as Zadar and Pula. Losinj is not a paradise lost since it even has its own airport!

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Guadeloupe is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in France for diving! Guadeloupe is quite far from Paris, but has nothing to envy to the capital with an excellent tourist offer. 6000 km from the French coast it is located near Venezuela.

You will enjoy both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Come and discover its exceptional seabed and book your hotel at the best price in Guadeloupe for a dream holiday.

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Mariah Carey uses to spend her holiday in Capri. If you absolutely do not want to see her, jump into the blue waters of Capri : they  are as rich and dazzling as its landscapes.

This Italian island has seduced the most discerning travellers. Make a tour of the island and do some of the best activities that  we have selected for you ! Book your hotel at the best price in Capri for a perfect holiday in the blue waters of a 5 star destination.

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Located in southwestern Wales, Pembrokeshire offers breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

This unique destination in the world also inspired the directors of “Robin Hood” which was filmed in Pembrokeshire. Come and discover the underwater depths of Pembrokeshire and book your accommodation at the best price for holidays in the great outdoors and in the unspoilt nature of Wales.

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Come and enjoy one of the sunniest destinations in Europe and its exceptional seabed. Murcia is one of the best diving destinations in Europe. The waters of Murcia are perfect for scuba diving. Murcia has all that can make a scuba diving lover happy with its protected marine reserve and an incredible flora and fauna.

Book your hotel, villa, apartment at the best price in Murcia and your best activities in Murcia for a holiday under the Spanish sun.

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Croatia is a paradise for nature lovers ; the Brac island is one of the largest islands in the Central Dalmatian region. It is also one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The beauty of the island will leave you speechless !

Its underwater depths will subjugate you. Visit this gem which offers everything you could wish for an unforgettable holiday in a preserved nature. Book your hotel on the Brac island at the best price and the best activities in Dalmatia for an unforgettable stay in Croatia.

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Visit the capital of Liguria, one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. If you are not brave and  do not want to dive, experience the Genoa Aquarium. If you are more adventurous, come diving in Italy. The “Abazzia Di San Fruttuoso” is awaiting you!

This abbey located in the province of Genoa is not within easy reach but is worth the trip. The original bronze statue of the “Christ of the Abyss” has been there since 1954. The bronze comes from medals of athletes, cannons, spare parts of boats…

There are many replicas of this statue in the world. The statue pays tribute to those who dedicate their lives to the sea. Book your hotel in Genoa and your best activities in Liguria for an amazing holiday in Italy.


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An event designed for the water sports industry to have a forum to discuss issues of relevance in the different states that have water services, such as Surfing, Diving, River Falls, Waterfall Rappelling and more. All of them publicizing the quality of their services and products such as fins, viewers, surfboards and many more, which you can acquire in the place and finally educational conferences on the care of species and the environment.
Do not miss it, come with all your family to enjoy this great event.


Logo testExpobuceo is open to all public interested in diving and water activities that intend to start in this activity or that are already part of the family of divers of our country.

  • Those who want to do a race in the Diving.
  • Interested in scuba diving and water sports.
  • Surfers.
  • Fishermen.
  • Certified divers.
  • Commercial divers.
  • Divers of security * / Search and Rescue.
  • The divers of the navy of Mexico and Marina.
  • Divemasters, Instructors and Instructor Assistants.
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  • Associations of professional photographers and underwater videographers.
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Do you want to know more about the underwater world? !!! In expobuceo 2017 you will find the right course for you, which means that if you have never had the opportunity to practice this activity, here you will find the most important diving schools, which will give you the information you need to take your course diving.

We invite you to ask about the courses for beginners, or if you are a diver and want to continue with your training, sign up for advanced diving courses where you will find the adventure you always wanted, such as night diving, diving 30 meters or not, become a specialist in the use of underwater compass or enroll in first aid courses or rescue diver and if you have decided to become a professional of this activity and earn money, take the diving guide course or become an instructor. If you have doubts or do not know what plan to follow ask the certification agencies that will be in the expo diving they are experts in these topics.

What you will see at EXPOBUCEO 2017, you can see the equipment of greater technology from whale tail fins, snorkel goggles that cover nose and mouth, to underwater communication, so if you are an aficionado be assured that this is the place to begin your adventure underwater, you will meet the professional services providers of the best beaches in the country, they have you prepared the best individual or family packages, so that in your next vacation you have an incredible time and if you are already a diver, you will find the regulators with high technology that when breathing of them allow you a great amount of flow that you will feel like you are on the surface, the best dive computers that record water temperature, depth, time of the dive, some also have the cable for download the data to your desktop or personal computer, and many other things more than your dive log, as it counts with a log. If you have doubts about one or do not know what to buy, there in EXPOBUCEO will be the representatives of the brands that will guide you on which is the one that best suits you and is close to your needs. If you have doubts about a particular brand write to us and we will provide you the details of the distributors of the brand that you are looking

You will listen in the expobuceo 2017. you will hear the best talks of the diving professionals and outstanding environmentalists, visit our program of conferences and activities, but you will advance a little, we will have the presence of great personalities, who have much to offer you with talks that you they will leave you really excited and they will tell you about the activities of the underwater world, talk about cave diving, do not know what experience is to be inside one of them, researchers sometimes spend more than 8 hours inside, that impression !!!, doctors that will give you diving medicine tips, tips for not getting dizzy, right there you can make an appointment for the oxygen test inside a hyperbaric chamber, wow! super, do not you think? to enter one of these teams is something very interesting, you will know as every year the best lectures on sharks of which the diving community is always worried, because it is the beginning of the food chain if we finish them we will create a terrible conflict in the development of the food chain, and how about when you hear about apnea, you know what it is? because it is the voluntary retention of the air, and when you practice it you will realize that you can be more time under the water without breathing of what you imagine, we will have the presentation of a free, of a diving group, so do not miss finding many more things in EXPOBUCEO 2017.




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