Real Estate

Home – it is a place for what we strive.
Intentionally or unconsciously going with the stream or devoting for this purpose all his strength but every man wants his house – a place where to feel safe, comfortable and – simply nice! A place where one has always a desire to return, a place where to feel protected, to which one wants to invite all his friends and which is always with you – also when you are away from home.


Sale, purchase and rent of real estate in Europe!

Selling – every our client can be sure that he will receive the information about the offers lieing within his interest in Riga, Latvia or beyond the borders or the country. We will finish the deal completely or will assist in its settling. In our data base there is information both about the exclusive, expensive and prestigious real estates and about not big cosy, economical shelters.

Renting – if due to various reasons you are not ready to purchase your real estate yet or it is necessary for you only for some span of life – you will be helped by our renting specialists. It is mostly very difficult and time consuming to find a convenient and acceptable premises to rent. We can help to save your time, money and nerves. Listening to your desires we will offer only the most suitable solutions that will not make you be disappointed.

Crediting – Our crediting specialists will be glad to help also you! Crediting is possible not only for individuals but also entities, including nonresidents.

We are dedicated to our clients’ needs and won’t stop working until clients completely satisfied.

Here are some real estate properties for sale or rent …