Most Beautiful Fortified Cities in Europe

Most Beautiful Fortified Cities in Europe

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You are passionate about history and you want to discover beautiful destinations in Europe and cities with a rich historical past? Discover our selection of the best fortified cities in Europe.

All these cities are surrounded by impassable ramparts against invaders. Looking back in Europe’s history and its ever-evolving geographical territories, we realize that many cities have tried to protect themselves for years. Welcome to one of the most beautiful fortified cities in Europe and book your hotel, apartment, guesthouse, villa at the best price and the to discover all the beauties of these fortified cities.

Best fortified destinations in Europe - European Best Destinations - ancient arabic fortress of Alhambra, Granada, Spain Copyright Shchipkova Elena



If you come to Granada, visit the Alhambra, one of the most important monuments of Islamic architecture in Europe. Facing Algeria and Morocco, Spain experienced a strong Muslim presence from the 7th to the 15th century. The Alhambra is a fortified city that will be one of the last Muslim bastions in Spain. This medieval city was given to the Christian king of Spain in 1492 without violence or fighting by Muhammad XII.


Best fortified destinations in Europe - Beautiful classic postcard view of the famous historic town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber Copyright canadastock  - European Best Destinations



Located on the Romantic Road of Germany, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a splendid Bavarian city and one of the few cities in Europe with ramparts dating back to the fifteenth century.



Best fortified destinations in Europe - Beautiful view of the ancient town of Assisi with dramatic cloudscape in golden evening light, Umbria, Italy Copyright Canadastock  - European Best Destinations



Situated in Umbria, Assisi is Saint Francis of Assisi’s birthplace He was probably the most famous saint of the Catholic Church .He always walked in the company of small animals. St. Francis of Assisi is the holy protector of animals.



Best fortified destinations in Europe  Castle of Carcassonne, France Copyright Rolf E. Staerk - European Best Destinations



Carcassone is certainly the most famous medieval city in France. Its double 3 km long rampart and its 52 towers are the symbols of this city classified as a World Heritage of UNESCO.


Best fortified destinations in Europe Catedral de Santa Maria de Segovia in the historic city of Segovia, Castilla y Leon, Spain Copyright Canadastock  - European Best Destinations



The city of Segovia, located in Castile & Leon is surrounded by fortified walls and has many other impressive monuments such as the Roman aqueduct or the amazing church and castle. Book your accommodation at the best price and come discover Segovia as well as the best activities in Segovia such as a full-day walking tour.

Best fortified destinations in Europe - Copyright   Dubrovnik Croatia. A panoramic view of the walled city. Copyright Sorin Colac  - European Best Destinations



Dubrovnik is certainly the most famous city in Croatia. It had to face an earthquake in 1667. It is now a nearly intact medieval city with magnificent buildings, fortresses, churches in the “renaissance” and “baroque” style. Book your Dubrovnik hotel, apartment, guest house, villa at the best prices and walk in the steps of “Games of Thrones” by booking one of the guided tours and activities in Dubrovnik.

Best fortified destinations in Europe Malaga, Spain cityscape at the Cathedral, City Hall and Alcazaba citadel of Malaga. Copyright ESB Professional



Malaga is a very beautiful city in Spain, especially the old town of Malaga and the Alcazaba of Malaga, that is to say the Citadel of Malaga. Linked to the castle of Gibralforo, the two monuments seem to form one block. In fact there are two fortifications. Visit the Alcazaba for a panoramic view of Malaga and its port.

Best fortified destinations in Europe  - Medieval city walls of Avila, Castilla y Leon, Spain Copyright Lukasz Janyst - European Best Destinations



Castille & Leon is made for lovers of fortified towns. Avila is a quite citynear the  beautiful walled city of Segovia.  This beautiful city of Spain is surrounded by an intact medieval wall . Go up the Douro and get to Porto Portugal.

Avila is an ancient fortified city. Parts of its ramparts can still be seen. You can also book exciting attractions in Avila that will make your holiday unforgettable. Book your stay in Avila at the best price as well as your activities such as a full day guided tour.


Best fortified destinations in Europe  - Saint Malo beach and city medieval architecture during Low Tide. Brittany, France, Europe Copyright Pisaphotography - European Best Destinations



Saint-Malo is one of the most beautiful fortified towns in Brittany. Its name was changed after the French Revolution. The city was called “Port Malo” excluding any Catholic reference. It reconquered  the name ‘Saint Malo” again later. Come discover the treasures of this fortified city of Brittany as well as our selection of cheap hotels in Saint-Malo.

Best fortified destinations in Europe  - Street in York, UK Copyright  WDG Photo - European Best Destinations



The whole medieval city center of York is surrounded by ramparts that protect it from the invader. The famous “Robin Hood’s Tower”is to the North. The Romans built the first ramparts in the 5th century but these were destroyed by the Vikings and rebuilt in the 12th century in the form that we know today.

Come and discover the North of England and the charming city of York and book your hotel, B&B, apartment, guesthouse at the best price in Yorkshire as well as your best activities in one of the most beautiful parts of England.


Best fortified destinations in Europe   - Sunset over Old City Town Tallinn In Estonia Copyright Grisha Bruev - European Best Destinations



Tallinn is both the capital of Estonia and the largest port in the country. Its name “Tallinn” means “castle”. It got that name just a century ago when the city became independent. The city was called “Reval” before. Come and discover the history of Tallinn by booking your hotel at the best price in Tallinn and your activities.

Best fortified destinations in Europe   - Toledo, Spain old town cityscape at the Alcazar. Copyright ESB Professional - European Best Destinations



Toledo’ comes from the Latin word “Toletum” which means “fortified population”. Come and discover this city built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. Located in the center of Spain, Toledo is within easy reach from Madrid. You can either stay in a hotel, a guesthouse or an apartment in Toledo or find your accommodation at the best price in Madrid and book your activities in the region such as a Toledo full-day tour from Madrid.

Best fortified destinations in Europe  - View of the beautiful medieval village of Obidos in the centre of Portugal Copyright Carlos Caetano - European Best Destinations



Portugal has everything to make you happy: Porto and Lisbon, a breathtaking scenery, nice and friendly people and an exciting story that has changed the face of the world. Do not miss Obidos if you are passionate about ramparts. Obidos is world famous for the beauty of its ramparts.

Book your accommodation at the best price in Obidos and treat yourself to guided tours of the most beautiful things to see and do in Obidos and the central region of Portugal.

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