Healthcare system in Latvia

The healthcare system in Latvia

In accordance with the legislation of Latvia, the state guaranteed medical services in Latvia can be received by (1) citizens of Latvia, (2) non-citizens of Latvia, (3) the citizens of EU and EEA countries and the citizens of Switzerland who stay in Latvia due to employment or as self-employed persons, as well as the members of their families, (4) the foreigners with permanent residence permit in Latvia, (5) the refugees and the persons who have been granted an alternative status, (6) persons detained, arrested and sentenced with deprivation of liberty.

The foreigners who arrive in Latvia from a country which is not the member state of the EU, EEA or Switzerland and stay in Latvia on the bases of temporary residence permit (hereinafter in the text referred to as the foreigners), including children, cannot receive the state guaranteed medical services! This group of the foreigners have to pay themselves for the health care services and/or they have to use the private medical insurance!

However, the spouses of Latvian citizens and Latvian non-citizens who have a temporary residence permit issued in Latvia have the right to receive free of charge the care for pregnant women and birth assistance paid from the State basic budget.

Free medical advice by phone in Latvian, English and Russian is available to all residents, regadless of their immigration status. This service is provided by the National Health Service (NHS). This service is available on weekdays from 17:00 to 8:00 and on weekends and holidays – around the clock. To use this service, call 66016001.

The foreigners and their children, who come to Latvia from a country, which is not a member state of the EU or EEA or Switzerland, and have a temporary residence permit for staying in Latvia, have to pay for emergency aid services or the expenses have to be covered by the health insurance company, in which the person is insured.

The exceptions are citizens of Ukraine and Russian pensioners who can receive emergency aid free of charge according to the intergovernmental contractual agreement.

To call for emergency aid in Latvia, dial 03 or 112!

To receive emergency aid, you may be asked to present your health insurance policy.

In order to be able to present your policy to a doctor in case of necessity, please take it with you!

In-patient and out-patient health care services in Latvia are ensured by the state, municipal, private institutions and self-employed doctors. The state determines the minimum requirements for medical institutions and regulates their activity. Private health care institutions offer patients greater freedom of choice of services.

The health care system in Latvia can be divided into three levels:
(1) Primary health care. At this level the patient has the primary contact with the provider of health care service. The primary health care service is provided by general practitioners, paediatrists, nurses, doctors’ assistants, mid-wives and dentists. The provider of primary health care service can be independent (private) service provider or they can work for private or public out-patient health care institution. The general practitioner together with a certified nurse or a certified doctor’s assistant can ensure the health care of a patient at the place of general practitioner’s practice and at the place of patient’s residence.

A foreigner with a temporary residence permit is free to choose a general practitioner or a specialist to visit. To register at a general practitioner, you have to draw up an agreement in two copies together with the general practitioner you have chosen. If you are unhappy with your co-operation with the general practitioner, you can at any time re-register with another general practitioner.

When making the appointment with the doctor, MAKE SURE that the doctor can talk to you in the language you understand. Not all doctors in Latvia can provide consultations in several foreign languages!

(2) On the secondary health care level, patient visits the doctor-specialist or receives treatment in hospital. This level is focused on immediate, acute or systematic health care. These services are provided by state, local and private institutions.

A foreigner with a temporary residence permit not receiving state guaranteed health care services can immediately turn to a doctor-specialist without a referral of a general practitioner. Payment for services in different institutions may vary. A specialist’s consultation can cost an average of EUR 15 – 50, in some situations it may cost more.

The doctor providing the primary health care or the specialist has the right to send a patient to the in-patient clinic or hospital for planned treatment. The in-patient medical care is charged. The payment for spending one day at a hospital in Latvia is approximately EUR 30 – 60. The above mentioned price includes the price of the ward, catering, medicine, as well as the examination and the analyses made in laboratories at some hospitals; the price does not include the services provided by doctors-specialists.

(3) Highly specialized health care services are services provided by the specialists of one or several fields of medicine with additional qualification. At this level, patients with dangerous and rare diseases, the treatment of which requires expensive and unique technology, are treated.

According to The Regulation of Medical Insurance for the Foreigners, a foreigner has the right to enter and stay in the Republic of Latvia if he/she has a valid medical insurance policy which guarantees that the costs of healthcare services in the Republic of Latvia are covered. The health insurance policy shall be presented, in order to receive a temporary residence permit.

The medical insurance policy for receiving a residence permit is not required for the persons who (1) require the permanent residence permit, (2) are family members of the citizen of EU member state, EEA or the Swiss Confederation, whose stay in Latvia is related to employment, self-employment or provision of services.

The minimum limit of responsibility of insurer
-When requiring the visa or a residence permit, the minimum limit of responsibility of insurer indicated for the period of insurance cannot be less than EUR 42 600.
– The term of validity of the insurance policy cannot be shorter than the planned period of stay in the Republic of Latvia and in the area of one or several Schengen Agreement member states.

The medical insurance policy has to guarantee at least the following medical services:
– Medical service in case of emergency
– The treatment in in-patient clinic in case of the condition that is critical or dangerous for life
– The transportation to the nearest medical establishment in both above mentioned cases
– The transportation back to the home country in case of severe disease or death

Before purchasing the medical insurance police, ask the information from the insurance company what medical services are covered by it and how to apply the police when it is needed. In Latvia, several insurance companies, for example, Gjensidige Baltic and BTA, offer a health insurance policy that covers just the services required according to The Regulation of Medical Insurance for the Foreigners. This policy DOES NOT cover in-patient and out-patient health care services.

If you want a health insurance policy that also covers out-patient and in-patient health care services, you need a private health insurance. Currently in Latvia two insurance companies, IF ( and Compensa Life ( offer a private insurance policy covering also in-patient and out-patient health care services to foreigner who already have a temporary residence permit. Before purchasing such a policy always make sure what kind of health care services and to what extent it covers. Also make sure of the way how the policy will pay for your visit to a doctor.

612577 Latvia is one of the greenest European countries along the Baltic Sea coastline. Every year thousands of people from Scandinavia, Russia, and Western Europe come to Latvia to regain their health and beauty. A moderate climate, highly qualified professionals, and the availability of modern technology ensures successful treatment and recovery.

The high quality of medical services is characterised by a personal, committed, hospitable and benevolent attitude, as well as a customised approach to each patient. Diagnostic and treatment equipment in Latvian medical health care facilities meets the standards of the European Union - significant funds have been invested in ensuring that Latvia has the best of modern technology.

High-quality medical care services are ensured by several significant factors which includes the professionalism of the medical staff - Latvian medical staff receive a competitive medical education, which is based on stable traditions.

Latvia offers a range of high quality medical services for a price that is very beneficial, being between two to ten times lower than in some Western European countries. A favourable geographical position allows Latvia to be reached conveniently, whether by plane, ferry, train or coach. Visitors have a wide range of hotels to chose between, including cosy hotels in Old Riga, and recreation centres in the resort of Jūrmala. Diverse Latvian cultural life and a highly interesting historical heritage provides additional options in your leisure and recreation time.

In Latvia, foreign tourists can receive medical services in the following areas:
- Phlebology, proctology
- Narcology
- Infertility treatment
- Ophthalmology (including ocular prosthetics)
- Oncology
- Plastic and reconstructive surgery
- Rehabilitation
- Traumatology & orthopaedics
- Health diagnostics
- Dentistry

612577 Chiropractic is a Western, medical-based, manual treatment method with the title: Doctor of Chiropractic The focus is to stimulate health without the use of medication. It can help with a wide variety of conditions. It works very effectively for acute mechanical problems of the neck, mid-back, lower back, pelvis and hips.

Tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches and in some cases migraines can be improved. Furthermore severe arm or leg pain caused by a discus hernia, irritating a spinal nerve root (radiculopathy syndrome) can be managed very well.

Patients/clients with pain syndromes of a more chronic nature can benefit by having symptom relieve and for more permanent solutions often also Physiotherapy and exercise are indicated.

Kiro Klinika offers Chiropractic treatment. This allows for effective management of the nervous, muscular and skeletal system. Pain or stiffness in the back, pelvis and neck and referral pain to the arms or legs can often be treated well in our clinic. We have the medical knowledge to refer you to the appropriate scans, tests or specialists when needed. Sometimes due to wrong mechanical loading by sitting too long or lifting wrong, elevated stress levels or the wrong nutrition our physical health can be affected.

Our goal is to improve function and balance of the spine as effectively as possible. Once your spine is in better balance we leave you free to have our support when needed and stimulate you to take care of your spine by teaching you the necessary skills.
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Tomsona iela 39, K-1, office 53, Riga, Latvia
612577 CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is a high level clinic in Riga, Latvia that offers a wide range of medical services, including providing the most modern physical examinations and treatments.

CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is equipped with the newest diagnostic and treatment medical equipment that is attended by physicians, specialists in their fields, providing special attention to offering the best medical service.

CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA promises the highest level of quality in the field of medicine.

- A cornerstone of CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is being equipped with the most modern technological equipment so we can assure quality diagnoses and specific treatment.
- CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA stays up to date on advances in medicine and technology, and as such we are among the leaders in Latvia and the Baltic countries in the field of individualized treatment and aesthetic medicine.
- Recognizing the important role of technology in providing modern medical services, CAPITAL CLINIC RIGA is continually investing resources in new equipment. Medicine in the 21st century requires modern and precision technology to better serve patients.
- Every client deserves not only a physician’s competence, professionalism, understanding and sensitivity, but also the services of the best and most precise technology.

- Diagnostics
- General Health Examination programs (Check-up)
- Preventive medicine. Genetic tests
- Treatment in Cardiology, Internal medicine, Gynecology, Otolaryngology (ENT), Dermatology, Urology, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology, Dietetics, Trichology etc.)
- Laser and Surgical treatment
- Sports medicine
- Pregnancy and prenatal care
- Pediatrics, etc.
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15A Duntes iela, Riga, Latvia
612577 The largest and most modern clinic in the Baltics providing all the newest technologies in diagnostics and treatment of vein illnesses.

The clinic specialists' experience and competence in most advanced sonography examination of veins and most modern methods of surgery ensure each patient the most precise diagnostics and corresponding, most health-friendly treatment and rehabilitation.

Leg vein diseases cause both medical and cosmetic issues. Their prevalence contributed to rapid development of phlebology (a branch of medicine that studies and treats veins) all over the world, including Latvia. Both women and men suffer from the most common venous disease - chronic venous insufficiency.

Baltic Vein Clinic is a part of Health Center 4 (HC4), and it is the largest and most experienced medical facility in Latvia and the Baltic States which offers comprehensive vein diagnostics and treatment. Customers highly appreciate our work since 1999: statistics about performed surgeries – 2500 vein surgeries during one year, and other manipulations confirm steady professional authority and patients' loyalty indicators. We use all modern vein treatment methods and their combinations to achieve the best results.

In close cooperation with internationally recognised highest-quality medical equipment manufacturers General Electric Medical Systems, Toshiba, Philips, Esaote, Hitachi, Dornier, WaveLight, Lumenis,Eufoton, Biolitec Baltic Vein Clinic constantly updates its technological equipment – ultrasound devices, lasers and radiofrequency devices, thus ensuring conformity of the clinic equipment to the highest international standards.

Our priority is safety of patients and personnel; and its most important aspect is highest-level medical tool sterilisation corresponding to the European standards. Sterilisation is performed by a specially trained nurse. Sterilisation efficiency is verified using physical, chemical and biological methods. To check sterilisation equipment and process, a certified organisation performs verification and calibration of physical qualities of a sterilisation cycle. The information about physical parameters and quality of each sterilisation cycle is stated in the sterilisation process documentation.

The personnel of the Baltic Vein Clinic consist of highly qualified, experienced phlebologists and vascular surgeons, and professional nurses and surgical nurses. Our advantages include the opportunity to engage a multidisciplinary team of HC4 physicians, if necessary: dermatologists, radiologists-diagnosticians, ultrasound specialists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, gynaecologists, neurologists, etc.

HC4 is one of few private medical institutions in Latvia that obtained ISO Certificate. This certificate attests high level of the services provided to Health Center 4 customers in the certified field involving primary and secondary healthcare service provision in outpatient's department and in day care facilities with an operating theatre.

HC4 continues to maintain work organisation according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard, develops the services according to customers' interests, and improve the quality and accessibility of general medical services.


Every year new treatment methods ensuring both therapeutic and cosmetic effect are added to the existing, globally known, rational vein treatment methods. The specialist decides which method is the most suitable and sparing in each case together with the patient, considering the form of a disease and financial possibilities. Good treatment result can only be achieved with a complex approach to the issue which includes precise diagnostics and active rehabilitation.

Baltic Vein Clinic offers all rational treatment methods and their combinations for vein disease treatment:
- Drug treatment
- Compression treatment. The only measurement in Latvia using IMAGE 3D device to determine precise size of compression stockings! We offer the opportunity to manufacture custom-made stockings for a patient in Germany within 1 week
- Sclerotherapy (foam technique and ultrasound guidance) using additionally halogen light device Veinlite® Transilluminator to ensure precision (in case of fine blood vessels)
- Vein surgery as per Varady method (miniphlebectomy) with minimal, 1-3 mm skin incisions
- Endovenous laser surgery (laser coagulation) - EVLT
- Endovenous radiofrequency surgery (obliteration) - RFO
- Endovenous radiofrequency surgery – EVRF
- Endovenous thermal occlusion with steam microimpulses – SVS
- Vein closure using bioglue - (VenaSeal™ Closure System)
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115 K. Barona Street, Riga, Latvia
612577 The largest centre of this kind in Latvia diagnosing and treating various dermatology and vein illnesses, eliminating aesthetic problems and performing unique skin restoration procedures.

Clinic specialists' professional skills and vast laser technology advantages allow to reach excellent results and obtain obvious improvement of skin and visual looks. Here, patients receive a pleasant and comfortable environment so that each visit gives truly positive emotions.

Dermatology and Surgery Clinic of Veselibas Centrs 4 is the largest and most advanced dermatology centre in Latvia. The Clinic offers a modern diagnostics and treatment of all kinds of acute and chronic skin diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases using the newest technologies and the competence of a highly qualified staff. People of all age both newborn children and adults are invited to take advantage of the Clinic’s medical services.

Dermatology and Surgery Clinic employs a staff of dermatologists, dermo-venereologists, specialists in face and body aesthetics, cosmetologists, trichologists, as well as specialists in podiatry and laser procedures.

Dermatology and Surgery Clinic offers:
- Rapid microscopic test of skin, hair and nail fungi
- Skin biopsy – an invasive method enabling an exact diagnosis making
- Optical and digital dermoscopy for establishing the nature of naevi and other pigmented formations
- Diagnostic ultrasonography – check up of skin and connective tissue structure changes and neoplasms with a high frequency skin ultrasonograph
- SIAscopy allows to establish the neoplasm’s in-depth activity
- Confocal laser microscopy – presently one of the world’s most exact diagnostic methods for inflammatory skin diseases, skin neoplasms and tumors e.g. basal cell carcinomas, melanomas etc.

HC4 branch Clinic of Esthetic Dermatology and Surgery and 4th Dimension offer several techniques which are unique in Latvia: - confocal laser microscopy
- various and versatile complex of laser technologies which cannot be found in any other clinic
skin ultrasound
- skin siascopy
- the only centre in Latvia with 4 specialists in digital dermascopy that completed special training in Gratz University, Austria
- elaboration of an especially efficient facial care tactics, as dermatologists and cosmetologists work in EDK and 4th Dimension. Both specialists can be invited to a consultation in order to make the optimal plan how to treat an issue using all diagnostic and therapeutic techniques at the disposal of EDK and 4th Dimension dermatologists and cosmetologists.
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Skanstes iela 50, 5th building, 3th floor, Rīga, Latvia
612577 Clinic EGV – for your reproductive health and creation of children
Clinic EGV was founded in 1998. The Clinic's main task is to ensure the reproductive health care for the patients and to provide the opportunity to become parents for those who are facing with a diagnosis of infertility. An outstanding team of specialists was established in the Clinic EGV, who are able to find a solution to the most complex cases, as well as can provide advice and share experience for the prevention of reproductive health disorders. Anyone can find the suitable physician in the Clinic EGV - women, men, couples, who want to have a child and who are expecting a child.

Extensive experience and latest technologies
Our specialists were the first in Latvia to apply auxiliary reproductive technologies that granted the hope of childbirth in cases of infertility, which were previously considered hopeless. The first sperm bank was established in the Clinic EGV, which provided unprecedented opportunities for medicinal fertilization. Today we are still dominating in treatment of fertility disorders and medicinal fertility, by utilizing all the acclaimed latest tools and techniques. The extensive experience of the physicians allows us being confident about the result even in the most complex situations.

Clinic EGV provides the world's leading technologies and the latest equipment, which ensures maximum efficiency of your reproductive health diagnosis, care and treatment. It is of prime importance for all forms of infertility treatment and birth of the healthy baby. The best team of specialists is working in our Clinic, who are constantly improving their clinical experience in major public clinics, upgrading their skills abroad and annually participating in the international conferences. All of our physicians are the members of the most international reproductive health professional associations. Our patients enjoy comfortable conditions and receive effective care - together we are creating a new life.

Confidence and confidentiality Clinic EGV is providing state-funded fertility treatment procedures, which are confirming the trust of the government. The Clinic EGV is annually qualifying for the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which ensures a strict compliance with diagnostics and treatment standards. We are entrusted the most valuable - care of your health and family growth. There is nothing more important than this trust, so we are strictly observing all the conditions of confidentiality.

- Abdominal ultrasonography
- Donor sperm
- Egg donor program
- Gynecological examination and consultation
- Gynecological examination and consultations
- Medicinal fertilization procedures
- Men's fertility diagnostics
- Men's fertility operative treatment
- Multiple pregnancy ultrasonography
- Pregnancy - observation and consultation
- Psychotherapy
- Sperm bank
- Urological consultations and examination
- Women's fertility diagnostics
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Gertrudes iela 3, Riga, Latvia