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Best Hunting Destinations in Europe

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Whether you hunt deer in France, Iberian mouflon in Spain or wild boar in Italy, every part of the European countries may offer an amazing hunting experience. Hunting journeys here are always combined with experiencing rich history and culture, and ancient hunting traditions are passed down to every traveler. What is more, Europe’s countries are exceptional due to their mixed and diverse landscapes; untouched forests and the endless mountains are perfect for large variety of game species to thrive. On the other hand, famous cities, such as Paris, Rome or Barcelona invite to combine your hunting trip with some sightseeing pleasures. These countries also offer very good trophy quality, which, we believe, is what you are looking for in the first place. You may also choose the level of adventures that you prefer – from mountain hiking to Monteria, every hunter will find his own perfect journey.

Discover below the three most amazing countries in southern Europe that every hunter should visit at least once in their life.


As France is one of the largest countries in the Europe, it also has two-thousand-year-old hunting traditions. French aristocracy started to build hunting heritage years ago that now can be passed to hunters from all over the world – and this is exactly why you should visit France. Contrary to what you may think, the country is still very forested; what is more, the landscape is really diverse here, including fields and mountains. France is following the European trend to manage game only by professionals and mostly on private estates, therefore game quality is extremely high here.

The most popular animals here are roe, fallow and red deer, wild boar, mouflon, alpon and Pyrenean chamois, and, of course, world-famous bird shooting. High quality hunting may easily be combined with fine wine, French food and sightseeing, which can lead to a wonderful family vacation too.


Hunting is a big part of Spain’s culture, therefore every hunter is more than welcome here. The highlight of this country is mountain hunting, which gives an outstanding opportunity to hunt mountain game such as several varieties of ibex, chamois and Iberian mouflon. Wide forests and farmland offer many other game that can be found only in the Iberian Peninsula. You can also prepare to find the red stag, Iberian wolf, Balearia boc, Barbary sheep, roebuck and other animals. Being a leader in wildlife management, Spain offers excellent quality hunting trips and trophies. What is more, almost every hunter that comes here has heard about Monteria – the hunt that is driven in the Montero Hills. Once a famous royal entertainment, Monteria now is available for big game (red and roe deer, wild boar) hunters from all over the world. And don’t forget about an attractive opportunity to combine leisure time and hunting – skiing, taking sun baths or sightseeing – whatever you choose, we guarantee that it will be an amazing adventure.


Italy is one of the southern European countries, famous for its fine food, good wines, rich history and culture, and of course, hunting traditions. They started long ago – here in Italy, you can find some of the oldest gun manufacturers, such as Beretta. They like it or not, this has formed an outstanding hunter community, that is now open to enthusiasts from all across the world. Bird hunting is something in Italy, but if it’s not your game, the wild boar or stalk roe deer hunts in Italian countryside will give you an exceptional experience also. Most hunting trips are held in northern part of the country, such as Tuscany, Sardinia and Umbria. Hunting is highly regulated here, therefore be careful and study all of the information before planning your trip.

As you see, there are amazing hunting destinations not far from you, and they are extremely attractive as well. We believe that the culture mixed with traditions and variety of game are the most attractive features to go and get lost in hunting adventures just now!



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